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The Mystical Bundle

The Mystical Bundle

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Welcome to our Brand NEW Mystical Bundle!

In each Mystical Bundle will be:

  • 1 × Soap Sponge
  • 1 × Bath Bomb
  • 1 × Wax Bar
  • 1 × Soap Snap Bar 

These will also include a Gift Bag should you want to gift them! 

Soap SpongeOur loaded Soap Sponges are fun, colourful and vibrant! Some inspired and some fruity/sweet scents! They not only look but smell amazing too. Soft side is good for washing down the body and re-hydrating the skin, and the rougher side is super for exfoliating the skin. Perfect in the shower or in the bath. Designed to leave your body feeling soft and refreshed after just one use! Suitable for Men, Women, Girls & Boys 3+! (Approx. 150g).

Bath Bomb - These can be placed into a bath of warm running water and watch them foam. They can be used whole or snapped into 2 or 3 pieces for a few baths! (Fully packaged and labelled). 140g/200g.

Soap Snap Bar - These are handmade using a natural based vegetable soap while complimented beautifully by the luxurious fragrance.  Designed to cleanse and re-nourish the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smelling lush!

Some scents may be inspired. Photo is for illustration purposes.  Please advise of any allergens in the notes at checkout.