💝 Valentines Day is fast approaching - We have gifts from £4.99 - Harry Potter sets and Hinchers 🧽 sets make an excellent gift, Jars of Hearts 💕 and the Car 🚗 Care Accessory set also - lots more being added periodically 💝

Car Care Accessory Set

Car Care Accessory Set

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The NEW Car Care Accessory Set - This is a fabulous gift for any car enthusiast that loves a clean, fresh smelling car interior.

The set comes complete with most of what your car needs, at an affordable price to you!

1 × 250ml Mystical Car Mist

1 × Car Diffuser with vent clip 

1 × 150ml Car Diffuser Refill Bottle

1 × Scented Microfibre Dusting Cloth

1 × Funnel

1 × Pipette

This is exceptional value for money!!

Fully insured and CLP compliant.