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About Us


Thank you for looking at our website. We hope you love what you see!!

We are based in Hull where we have a unit at the Louis Pearlman Centre.  This is where all your wax products are made and where we spend most of our time doing what we love.

We have over 13K followers on Instagram and this is all thanks to the fantastic support we have from our wonderful representatives.  Where would we be without them? not to mention our superb selection of products!!

We work so hard from wax designs to branding, this isn’t just a job for us but it’s our absolute passion and drive. We also love to get the team involved in choosing scents and colours/designs for Mystical because their advice/opinions matter the most. As do customers!

Thanks for taking a look at our website, if you have any questions please email us at info@mysticalmoonmelts.com or contact 07427250796 during normal office hours (Mon-Fri). Our team will be happy to help!

Thank you

Emma & Team Mystical xx